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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new incoming student you will meet with an academic counselor during your in-person Orientation. 


Find out more about the Counseling Services offered

Schedule online 

Check for Express Counseling

Call 530-895-2378 at 8 a.m. when the Counseling department phone line opens. 

Check your Butte College email and Self Service for updates and Award Letter information. Make sure you have submitted all Required Documents by going to Self Service and under Financial Aid check your Required Documents. Students must have all Required Documents on file and reviewed by the Financial Aid Office prior to awarding Federal Student Aid. Please note: Review of required documents by the Financial Aid Office can take 2-4 weeks. Students must be enrolled and have financial aid eligibility for the current year to receive a disbursement.

See Disbursement Dates at

Students must request an add authorization from an instructor to add a course after the class has begun. Students on a waitlist who have not been added by the start of the course will also need to follow these steps.

To request an add authorization, please follow the steps below or watch the included video.

  1.  Find the instructor’s email address

Instructor email addresses can be found by logging into your MyBC Self-Service portal by clicking on the course "section name" in the schedule of classes, or by searching in the campus directory.

  1.  Email the instructor from your Butte Student Email

Include the following in your email to the instructor:

  • Name
  • ID Number
  • Course name
  • Section number of course to be added
  • Request for add authorization (use sample language below):

Hello (instructor name), my name is (your name), ID number (your student ID number), and I am writing to request an add authorization to your course (insert course name), section (insert section number). Thank you.

  1.  Wait for a confirmation email

The instructor will email you to confirm that they have authorized you to add their course.

  1.  Register for the course in MyBC Self-Service

Upon receiving an email confirmation, the student must register for the course in Self Service before the add deadline.

  1.  Watch the video

The included video provides step-by-step instruction on requesting an add authorization to register for classes. 

  1.  Questions?

Contact or call (530) 895-2511 if you have further questions about the add authorization process.

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